Announcing the official release of DWR 3.0.0

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Announcing the official release of DWR 3.0.0
We are very happy to announce the release of DWR 3.0.0. It has been
a long way coming but you now have the best DWR release ever at your
disposal. You can download it on our site: 

I have also just pushed it up to Maven Central, where it should be
available in less than two hours.

Hundreds of bug fixes have went into this release.
We have listed a summary of issues resolved since
3.0 RC3 below.  For a complete listing see Jira:

Documentation for new features is mostly found in the associated tickets at
the moment, but will be integrated into the proper documentation during the
coming weeks/months.

DWR 3.0 RELEASE NOTES (issues resolved since 3.0 RC3)

Potentially Breaking Changes

[DWR-645] - Clean up path configuration options
[DWR-642] - Remove legacy packages
[DWR-639] - Simplify destroy event methods
[DWR-511] - Evaluate ServerLoadMonitors, remove unneeded
             monitors, solidify monitors we want to keep

Security fixes

[DWR-638] - Improve DWRSESSIONID cryptographic strength
[DWR-632] - Improve CSRF protection to handle more scenarios

New Features and Improvements

[DWR-648] - Add support for Cache-Control and Expires header
[DWR-647] - Allow customization of DWRSESSIONID cookie
[DWR-644] - Provide a standard way to specify client-side options
             before DWR loads (dwrConfig)
[DWR-643] - Allow remapping of DWR's effective contextPath (for
             DWRSESSIONID cookie etc)
[DWR-641] - Offer more access to servlet request from Reverse Ajax
[DWR-636] - Rename allowGetForSafariButMakeForgeryEasier setting
[DWR-628] - Add support for Spring Java configurations
[DWR-587] - add support to > ("Content-Disposition", "inline;
[DWR-547] - Update class-mapping documentation to mention
             automatically generated inheritance scripts
[DWR-110] - add name (javascript) attribute to DataTransferObject


[DWR-649] - Optimizing proxies are removing meta-data in DWR
[DWR-646] - Incoming request attributes should be available to
[DWR-640] - Reverse Ajax polling mode broken
[DWR-635] - New callbackArg option causing conflict when delegating
[DWR-634] - Auto-filled servlet objects (request, session, etc) in
             method parameters not matched correctly
[DWR-631] - FileStoreDownloadManager - encodeFileNameSegment
[DWR-629] - DefaultCreatorManager throws NullPointerException
             during destroy of Spring context
[DWR-627] - IllegalStateException on Jetty 8 and 9
[DWR-614] - org.springframework.util.ClassUtils.forName(className)
             has been removed in Spring 4.x
[DWR-585] -
[DWR-554] - Reverse ajax client side timeout is missing
[DWR-396] - Transfering a file using DWR 3.0 disables the "input"
[DWR-378] - Window.dwr access permission denied
[DWR-352] - Javascript error in engine.js when file input field
             has no parentNode