Version 3 release candidate 2 (3.0 RC2)

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Version 3 release candidate 2 (3.0 RC2)

Dela, Cruz Gil
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Re: Version 3 release candidate 2 (3.0 RC2)
ParseUtil no longer exists.  Most of the functionality in that class has
been moved into Batch and is now private.  I would like to know your
use-case for needing these methods?

ProtocolConstants still exists but it has been moved to

On 2013-10-02 07:17, Dela, Cruz Gil wrote:

> Hi,
>  I was upgrading to the latest one because it say it will resolve the
> issue with the HTTPONLY flag. When I use this version, I have missing
> class files that I used on my old version. Is there a way this can be
> added back. I'm using the utilities for parsing the request?
>  Here are the list.
> IMPORT org.directwebremoting.dwrp.ParseUtil;
> IMPORT org.directwebremoting.dwrp.ProtocolConstants;
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