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"...missing : in conversion..."

Fordemo Only
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Re: "...missing : in conversion..."

I have the following Java method:

public String sayHelloArray(String[] names)
    return "Hello, " + names[0] + ", " + names[1];

Calling from the browser with the following parameters:
Demo.sayHelloArray(["Dav+id", "Mike"])

Everything works fine the + is escaped as %2b and the correct string is returned to the browser. 

You will need to provide more information and a simple test case.


On 01/01/2014 11:52 AM, Fordemo Only wrote:
The fuller message is :
 "...ERROR org.directwebremoting.dwrp.ParseUtil  error - Missing : in conversion data..."
I believe it is marshalling a one-dimensional array of length 2 with an element that contains "+" and it is escaping it as %2.  On the server it only delivers a one-dimensional array of length 1(the first element has the "+") and fails the callback, as expected.  Other than base64 the value is there a way to avoid this error and succeed the completion of the dwr call.
dwr 2.08 jar